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36 Goodwin Road DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435

Consider who your trainer is and the quality of information you receive.

Bullets and Bones announces the highest level of Training through an exclusive training agreement with Clyde Caceres.

Clyde Caceres, of DeFuniak Springs. Unlike many "firearms" trainers, whose resume is simply attending a one or two day NRA basic instructor class, Bullets and Bones and Clyde offer MUCH more.

Mr. Caceres has been teaching Civilians, Military and Law Enforcement in more of the United States, Canada and in many countries internationally. He has taught elite law enforcement and military units in the US, as well as presented on tactical topics in Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, Japan and Further. His area of expertise is training civilians numbering more than 10,000 individuals in over 20 years.

He has been trained and awarded instructor certificates with NRA law enforcement; Smith and Wesson Academy; surefire academy; ASP expandable baton; Aerko OC LE instructor; Massad Ayoob and more. He has also, intigation, represented civilians who have justifiably used lethal force to defend themselves and family.

Clyde's career includes being one of the founders of Crimson Trace Corporation; President of First Light USA; Partner/Owner of DKX Armor and Critical Safety Equipment.

Firearms and Personal Defense Classes

          We are now offering Florida Concealed Carry classes. The class is 2.5 hours in the classroom and 1 hour on the range. This class exceeds Florida Requirements. thorough coverage of safety and firearms operation as well as an eye opening tutorial on use of force:; when to shoot; consequences if you shoot; liability and more. This class is $45.00 per person.

      We are also offering a Fighting with a gun class. The class is 2 hours on the range for FWG 1 and $40.00 a person. FWG 2 is 2 hours on the range and $50.00 a person. FWG 3 is a 4 hour class and the price is $75.00 a person. Shooting a tin can off a fence post doesn't win a fight. Too many of us think knowing how to "shoot" equals knowing how to deal with the stress of being assaulted. Fighting with a gun begins your training on how to defend yourself.

 We now have other Defense classes also. 

FWG AR1 - (2hrs) Intro to your AR15 (or similar) carbine. weapon operation, tactical application basics. $50.00

FWG AR2 - (2hrs) Tactical AR deployment. Movement: use of cover and more.$75.00

FWG W - (2hrs) Defense training for women only. $50.00

FWG R - (2hrs) Yes! tactical training specifically with a revolver. A must take class if you carry a revolver. $50.00

FWG K - (2hrs) Fight with a Knife. Defensive and Counter-offensive. $50.00

FWG P - (2hrs) Private class for couples; families; small groups. Tailored to your needs and skill set. $50.00 a person, $250 min.


If you would like to take one of the classes or have any questions please give us a call Bullets and Bones at 850-520-4612.


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